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How to Eliminate Bottlenecks During the Hiring Process

How to Eliminate Bottlenecks During the Hiring Process

The competition for top talent is fierce. The current hiring landscape has become known as the Great Reshuffle or Great Migration. Employees are rethinking everything, resigning from their current workplaces, and moving on to better career opportunities. 

Today, more than ever before, employees are in the driver’s seat, and employers, like yourself, are feeling it as demand for quality talent continues to rise.

As the struggle for quality and quantity of candidates continues to grow, you can’t wait for people to come to you. Paying close attention to bottlenecks and gaps in your hiring process will save you money and time in the long run. 

The problem at hand: 62% of professionals lose interest in a job if they don’t hear back within two weeks of the initial interview. 

What can you do to quickly eliminate bottlenecks during the hiring process: 

• Approach top talent with urgency - You will lose top talent if you don’t act quickly. Research shows that the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. Before you even start the hiring process, make sure that your business has the right strategies in place to hire fast and act with urgency as soon as the right person comes along. 

Action item: Follow up with potential candidates immediately and make sure that you have a game plan in place to extend an offer shortly after starting the hiring process.


 Invest in proper technology - Make sure you have the technology and proper systems in place for an enjoyable candidate experience. 

Action item: We have seen it firsthand, technology is the vehicle that keeps businesses moving efficiently, so we created an onboarding solution that will eliminate the headache by streamlining, standardizing, and consolidating your new hire paperwork online.

• Update your job descriptions - The job description is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. After all, it is what initially sells the job and gives you, as the employer, the guide rails to know exactly what you’re hiring for. 

Action item: Start by updating your job descriptions annually with engaging language sharing the impact that the candidate will have in the role. Click here for more tips on how to write a strong job description that will win candidates. 

• Lead with benefits - When hiring, candidates will ask, 'Why does this company stand out above the rest?’. Employee Benefits are a big part of that answer, especially today, and we aren’t talking about just healthcare. The top 3 benefits that employees want are, flexible work hours, paid time off, and wellness programs. 

Action item: The start of each year is a good time to sit down as a leadership team and reassess if your benefits match the current trends and desires of the workforce, along with if your benefits technology is updated. Check out our benefits enrollment technology for a real-time view of enrollment status and an easier way to manage your benefits. 

Want more information on how your business can implement one of the four bullets above and quickly eliminate bottlenecks in your hiring process? Contact our team today.