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CertiPay is awarded HR Tech Magazine Company of the Year


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CertiPay is awarded HR Tech Magazine Company of the Year

In the thick of the cut-throat global competition, efficient management of staff—every company’s greatest asset—plays a crucial role in attaining their unique organizational goals. This reality has propelled organizations to remold their existing HR solutions to fend away the cloud of workforce inefficiencies, improper business processes, and lower retention rates. In this scenario, Denny Wilson, the CEO of CertiPay, stresses on the need for a more robust payroll and HR technology that can be customized to the clients’ unique needs. Read the Article    

CertiPay on The Business Observer's Top 500

What are the largest companies on the Gulf Coast? Who are the fastest growing? The Business Observer's Top 500 edition features stories of the region's largest companies. Learn more about CertiPay in the 2018 edition.

E-Verify Update

The news is buzzing with E-Verify information. With so much focus in Washington on stemming illegal immigration and the erosion of job opportunities for U.S. citizens, chances appear better than ever that the E-Verify system will become mandatory. President Trump's 2018 budget proposal includes funds to upgrade the system so that it can handle greater capacity, that is if Congress authorizes requiring businesses to use it. Background: E-Verify is currently a voluntary federally administered electronic system designed to help employers verify the work eligibility and citizenship status of jo...

CertiPay mentioned in Florida Trend's Exclusive List

CertiPay is proud to be mentioned on Florida Trend's exclusive list of the state's largest privately-held companies for 8 years in a row. Thank you for your continued support. Here we grow again! #FloridaPayroll #HumanResources #HCM #FloridaTrend

Implementing a Drug Testing Policy in the Workplace

There are no laws that require you to keep drug-abusing employees on your payroll. However, numerous restrictions, primarily state laws, dictate what you can and can't do. As with other sensitive personnel issues, it's important to develop a policy, communicate it clearly and enforce it consistently. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bans discrimination against employees who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse but are sober and in rehabilitation programs. In addition, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration frowns on post-incident mandatory drug tests. An example wou...

Workplace Sexual Harassment In The Age Of #metoo

The #metoo movement has created a heightened awareness of sexual harassment and should make every employer consider if it is doing enough to keep employees safe. Take some time to recommit to a harassment-free workplace and save yourself from future litigation. Here are our recommendations for steps you should take right now to help protect your organization from a devastating harassment claim. Sexual Harassment and Employer Responsibility in the age of #metoo from CertiPay on Vimeo.

It’s Hurricane Season. Is Your Business Ready?

In Hurricane affected areas, we can all agree that storm preparedness is an important part of a business plan. It's crucial to begin your plan by picking the right individual to decide when employees should come to work, not come to work or do so at their own discretion. The person designated for the role should be given clear guidelines to help in those situations. Some smaller companies take the simple approach of piggybacking on the decision made by a large local employer. Of course, during your busiest times, you might have to pivot and continue operations regardless of what others do....

Mandatory E-Verify May Be Coming, Are You Ready?

E-Verify is about to play a critical role under the Trump administration. The electronic service, launched in 1996, is primarily a voluntary web-based system, though it could soon become mandatory. E-Verify enables employers to quickly determine whether information supplied by job applicants on their I-9 forms is consistent with data held by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. In effect, this is a faster version of the basic paper-based I-9 system. Employers submit I-9 data electronically, and, generally within a few seconds find out whether the in...

Know the Evolving Rules Before Terminating an Employee on FMLA leave

Employees who take an unpaid leave, per the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may need more than the 12-week limit. Deciding whether to promise an employee who exceeds the limit that he or she will have a job to return to takes a delicate balancing of compassion, practicality and legal risk analysis. That's because, if the extended absence is the end result of some form of disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) might also play a role in your decision. The enforcer of the ADA — the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — has never offered clear guidance on the topic....

10 Minute Trainer - Most Common & Most Expensive HR Mistakes

Business leaders are challenged with a variety of tasks every day. Whether you handle human resources yourself or delegate it to someone else, your company is bound to make mistakes. Identifying these HR mistakes before they become serious problems can protect your business against costly legal claims. CertiPay's 10 Minute Trainer Webinar Series is proud to present: The Most Common & Most Expensive HR Mistakes. 

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