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Law Firms

CertiPay provides custom tools for the legal industry.

CertiPay Offers Real Time Solutions For Law Firms

Managing payroll and HR can be a challenge for Law Firms with multiple associates across various practice locations with different billable hours and varying rates. Sounds confusing? We know it is.

Law firms require a timekeeping system that does more than just store hours.

Track all complex payroll-related tasks for your legal staff - pronto.

Automated e-mail generation to the employees’ supervisor allows the firm to focus on billable hours and not payroll.

At CertiPay, we provide a web hosted system to manage schedules, track partners by specialty, diversity, and longevity, track billable hours and multiple rates, track sick time, vacation time and holiday hours while also allowing employees to request time off online.

But Human Resources isn’t just about Payroll, it’s about people. Attracting and keeping qualified talent is crucial for law firms.

CertiPay offers a web based applicant tracking system to help you find a larger pool of highly qualified applicants and review those candidates across locations to make your hiring process more efficient.

Find and hire qualified legal staff in the most efficient way possible.

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CertiPay is a web-based payroll solution that is designed to deliver unmatched payroll and HR management performance to its users.

CertiPay offers solutions for

Health Care Reform

CertiPay has you covered for ACA compliance.


Process on your schedule with CertiPay's real-time payroll solutions.

Human Resources

Focus on the human aspects of human resources with CertiPay's fully integrated solutions.

Time & Attendance

Solutions and service customized for your business.

Benefits Administration

CertiPay's online benefits administration system integrates seamlessly with Payroll.

Professional Employer Organization

Relief from payroll and HR administration overload.


CertiPay's onboarding solution streamlines, standardizes, and consolidates your new hire paperwork online.






Law Firms