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CertiPay HR 2021 FFCRA 10 Min Trainer

Category: 10 Minute Trainer

Business leaders are challenged with a variety of tasks every day. Whether you handle human resources yourself or delegate it to someone else, your company is bound to make mistakes. Identifying these HR mistakes before they become serious problems can protect your business against costly legal claims. CertiPay’s 10 Minute Trainer Webinar Series is proud to present: The Most Common & Most Expensive HR Mistakes. 
Posted Feb 19, 2018
70% of employers report prescription drug abuse within their companies. The U.S. opioid addiction crisis is hitting the workplace hard, and employers need to be ready to address it. CertiPay’s 2017 Webinar Series is proud to introduce “10 Minute Trainer: Opioid Epidemic In The Workplace.”  
Posted Aug 13, 2017
Get the Do’s and Dont’s for filing OSHA paperwork. Join us for a 10 minute training video to learn about OSHA’s rule on submitting injury and illness records. 
Posted Jun 1, 2017