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Process on your schedule with CertiPay's real-time payroll solutions.

Cross payroll off your to do list.

Focus more time on your business and less on payroll, taxes and compliance issues.

Better customer service – NO call center. At CertiPay, we are most proud of our client service model. Florida based company providing Payroll and HR Solutions since 1990.

Easy to use technology.

Integrate payroll functions and data with human resources management, benefits administration and Time and Attendance solutions.

Automatic Payroll Tax Filing and ACA Compliance

Eliminate the risk of unfulfilled tax obligations and ACA compliance issues with CertiPay’s tax services. In addition to staying up-to-date on all federal, state and local tax changes, we will prep and file all employee W-2s.

Discover how CertiPay can transform your business with unsurpassed service and technology.

Manage your workforce more efficiently and effectively.

Get more from payroll services through better customer service, integration and preparation.

CertiPay offers solutions for

Health Care Reform

CertiPay has you covered for ACA compliance.


Process on your schedule with CertiPay's real-time payroll solutions.

Human Resources

Focus on the human aspects of human resources with CertiPay's fully integrated solutions.

Time & Attendance

Solutions and service customized for your business.

Benefits Administration

CertiPay's online benefits administration system integrates seamlessly with Payroll.

Professional Employer Organization

Relief from payroll and HR administration overload.


CertiPay's onboarding solution streamlines, standardizes, and consolidates your new hire paperwork online.

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CertiPay is a web-based payroll solution that is designed to deliver unmatched payroll and HR management performance to its users.