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Payroll for Franchises: How We Can Help

Payroll for Franchises: How We Can Help

As a franchisee, you know your customers, and they know you. Customer service is number one. So how do you find a payroll provider you can trust? 

We run our business like you run yours - you put your guests first, and so do we. We run our businesses like we run a family. 

But why should you take time away from your “family” to run payroll, handle worker’s comp and unemployment, or stay up to date on new laws and compliances? 

“CertiPay frees up a lot of my time. It gives me more time to focus on my guests.” 

See why: 

“CertiPay is a really good fit. It’s very cost-effective and frees up a lot of your time. I think a lot of business owners would benefit greatly from it.” 

We’d love to talk about how we can take payroll or HR burdens off of your shoulders so you can focus more on your business. Reach out to us here

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