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Benefits of a PEO During a Pandemic

Benefits of a PEO During a Pandemic

We’ve recently covered the benefits of a PEO in general, but what about the benefits of a PEO specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The benefits of a PEO during COVID:

  • Maintain business as close to “usual” as possible. A PEO doesn’t get disrupted when other parts of your business do. A PEO solution can continue to handle payroll processing, benefits and leave administration, employee relations help, and more. 

  • Compliance during regulatory changes. We’ve seen plenty of new legislation and requirements of businesses since the beginning of the pandemic and anticipate even more. A PEO provides the tools, resources, and guidance on how to remain compliant even as regulations shift. 

  • Keep employees safe. A PEO can help you understand and implement guidelines from OSHA and the CDC in order to keep your employees safe. It can also help you determine protocols should an employee become ill. 

  • Know how to communicate with your employees during difficult times. This isn’t something most companies have prepared for. A PEO can help provide templates and communication options to employers to use in different scenarios connected to a pandemic. 

  • Best allocate your resources. A PEO can help you become more efficient as you navigate the pandemic. Do you need to freeze hiring? Lay off employees? Hire more employees to free up others’ time? A PEO will help you determine the best course of action for your business and your employees. 

In the midst of uncertainty, a PEO can be exactly what your business needs to stay compliant, efficient, and sustainable. If you aren’t already using one, what’s keeping you from doing so? Reach out to us to get started or to get your questions answered.