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The Benefits and Challenges of Employee Engagement

The Benefits and Challenges of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, especially after the year 2020, is something that every business owner or HR representative should be focusing on. Why? We can start by talking about money - you’ll save money and generate money when your employees are happy, but the benefits go beyond that. 

Happy employees stay. 

Turnover can be as much as 300% of an individual’s salary, so finding ways to minimize turnover is critical, especially if you’re looking at cost savings. 

Benefits of engaged employees:

Healthy employees

If you’re improving the mental and physical health, you can get your employees to stay. Simply put, happy employees stay.


Productivity will increase as a result of engagement! SHRM says that there’s typically a 33% increase in productivity when people are focused and engaged. 

Cost savings

All of these components add up. Whether you’re reducing turnover or keeping them healthier, your employees simply aren’t using health benefits plans which can help lower your renewal costs. Just by getting them more engaged, you can save a lot of money. 

Now that we know the benefits of engaged employees, let’s talk about the challenges so you can be prepared for them. 

Challenges of keeping employees engaged:


Your employees are worried about their health, their family’s health, politics, schools, the state of business… the list goes on. It’s important to be aware that they’re distracted and find ways to help them personally. 


If your employees feel like they can’t communicate well with their team members or higher-ups, they may give up and lose engagement here. Open up lines of communication and encourage relationship building and openness with your entire team. 

Face time

Face time is important even when working within CDC guidelines. As humans, we need connection. It’s our responsibility to help connect our employees and keep them happy. 


If you help people improve their performance, they’ll feel more engaged. Actually, engagement can either be the cause or the result of a change in performance. This is a powerful one - make sure you’re rewarding positive performances and encouraging employees to reach their full potential.


It’s human nature to desire to feel connected and engaged. It’s simple: when there’s positive energy and better health, people will stay. Implement some new things to improve morale and you’ll likely see more productivity. 

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