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3 Most Common & Expensive HR Mistakes to Avoid

3 Most Common & Expensive HR Mistakes to Avoid

Business leaders are challenged with a variety of tasks every day. Whether you handle human resources yourself or delegate them to someone else, your company is bound to make mistakes. Identifying these HR mistakes before they become serious problems can protect your business against costly legal claims. 

Here are 3 common and expensive HR mistakes to avoid: 

  1. Compliance 

Your employee count doesn’t matter when it comes to compliance. You can be sued no matter what size your company is, which means if you have one employee, you should have a handbook. You protect yourself and your business by having guidelines in place and ensuring that everyone is keeping them.

  1. Turnover 

The hiring process is expensive. It takes time, effort, and money to find the perfect candidate and even more time, effort, and money to train them correctly in their new role, so it is important that new hires feel engaged and valued at your company on the front side. Even if this only saves one person from leaving, it could save you thousands of dollars at the end of the day. To learn more about how to reduce employee turnover rates and hire the right people, click here. 

  1. Documentation 

Document, document, document! We can’t stress this point enough. Consistently documenting is very important. In the HR world, we recommend that people document anything that happens. If you have a conversation with an employee it is always smart to write up notes from the conversation and email them to a file with a time and date stamp. This can be very beneficial if it is ever called upon later. 

Interested in learning more about human resources tips? Click here to watch our 10-minute trainer on the most common and most expensive HR mistakes. 

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