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Politics in the Workplace

Coffee Break CertiPay HR Ninjas

Webinar: #18
Start Time: August 27, 2020 11:20 AM

In this HR Coffee Break we tackle politics in the workplace! Learn more about common misconceptions and best practices.

Misconception 1: Employees have a constitutional right to talk “politics” at work

  • 1st Amendment does not guarantee “Free Speech” at work.
  • 1st Amendment applies to government action.
  • It does not limit employers right to limit communication
  • It does not provide constitutional right for employees to express opinions
  • “Political views” are not a protected class

Misconception 2: Employees have a constitutional right to display and distribute political materials at work

  • Employers have the right to adopt and enforce rules prohibiting non-work-related activity
  • Employers may ban employees from displaying/distributing materials that are purely political in nature.
  • Employers may ban computer and email use for purely political communications
  • Employers may ban the display of buttons, shirts, hats , etc. with purely political messages or logos.
  • Employees may be lawfully disciplined and or terminated for violating the employers published policies

5 Steps to Best Practices:

  • Prepare and Implement a strong “No Political Activity or Solicitation” Policy
  • Comply with NLRB and State rules
  • Be prepared to address disruptive behavior. Be prompt. Be consistent.
  • Discourage Supervisors, Directors, Managers from ALL Political discussions.
  • Remind employees of relevant policies



Policies to review

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