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CertiPay partners with P&C Brokers, TPA’s, Benefit Brokers, and Financial Advisors

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While other payroll companies compete against you, CertiPay works with you. CertiPay understands that the value you bring to the table isn't easily replaced.

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We provide support, training and data to help you serve your clients even better.

we strengthen and enhance your ability to serve your clients

develop a beneficial partnership to help you and your clients succeed.

CertiPay recognizes the important role that accounting professionals play in consulting with business leaders. 

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We're constantly striving to deliver programs and services that help you enhance your status as trusted business advisors to your clients.

CertiPay partners with Accounting Professionals

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Regardless of your involvement in payroll and HR, 

we invite you and your clients to learn about outsourcing and the benefits of working with CertiPay, and develop a beneficial partnership to help you and your clients succeed. 

Contact Us — We are committed to your business.

CertiPay is a web-based payroll solution that is designed to deliver unmatched payroll and HR management performance to its users.

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