Looking for your W-2's? Find out more here.

Haven't received your W-2?

What date are W-2’s distributed to employers?

By law, CertiPay is required to provide W-2’s to employers by January 31, 2022.

After January 31, 2022 and haven't Received Your W-2?

CertiPay is unable to provide you with your W-2 for the following reasons:

  • The law states that it is the employer's responsibility to provide W-2s to employees.
  • Our contract is with your employer and we can only take action at the direction of your employer.
  • Make every attempt to contact your employer.
  • It’s your employer’s responsibility to verify that all documents generated by CertiPay represent the wages you actually received. CertiPay has no way to verify this information.
  • If it's after mid-February, you can contact the IRS for instructions on how to proceed.
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