Is Your Culture Attracting Top Candidates?

Is Your Culture Attracting Top Candidates?

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It’s hard to hire right now. Your business culture is what ultimately sets you apart from your competitors and captures the candidates you want. 

Culture is comprised of multiple components – the qualities of your leadership team, the communication style of your organization, the tangible and intangible benefits that you offer, etc. 

As a business leader, it is important to cultivate a compelling culture, not only to keep your employees engaged but there is also a financial connection. When your people are happy, they stay, and when they stay, your turnover costs are drastically reduced.



How often do you listen to the needs of your employees and take action? 

One of the biggest assets of building a strong culture is cultivating a leadership team that listens. Today, employers are losing employees across the board because they don’t feel like their employers are listening or caring about their needs and safety. 

A few ways to implement a listening culture are through hosting focus groups with your employees or scheduling more one-on-ones between your leadership team and staff. 


Professional development is a fundamental piece to creating a compelling culture and keeping employees. Professional development is critical because it ensures that each individual on your team is maintaining a competitive edge while simultaneously enhancing employee satisfaction and retention of talent. 

A few specific ways to implement professional development opportunities on your team are: 

  • Get development programs and training opportunities on the calendar
  • Provide ongoing coaching sessions with your leadership team 
  • Enable your employees to participate in e-learning opportunities and experience-based development 

Watch our professional development planning coffee break to learn more about how to implement this in your business. 


Candidates’ priorities of what they’re looking for in an employer have shifted since the beginning of the pandemic. The desire for an inclusive workplace increased by 22.6% from April 2020 to June 2021. 

You can’t just hire a diverse workforce – you also have to put in the effort to create a culture of inclusivity, or employees will not stay. An inclusive culture simply means that all employees feel welcomed and a part of contributing to the overall success of your organization. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to inclusivity: 

  • Is your leadership team leading the charge? Inclusivity is a top-down effort that starts with your leaders. 
  • Do all of your employees have a safe place to share their feedback? Inclusivity is about ensuring that everyone on your team is heard and valued. 
  • Does your entire team feel supported? Identify gaps and provide resources and support for those that may not feel fully supported. 

When advising clients on how to enhance their culture, it helps us to get on their “carpet”. The better we get to know your business, the better we can be at helping you achieve your goals. Reach out to us today to get started. 

Posted Dec 7, 2021
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