Transitioning Payroll Providers Doesn’t Have to be Tough; Here’s What the Process Looks Like

Transitioning Payroll Providers Doesn’t Have to be Tough; Here’s What the Process Looks Like

Transitioning payroll providers can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be tough. And if you’ve waited until the end of the year to start reviewing your payroll and consider making changes, you’re not alone! Plenty of businesses make the transition around this time, and when you transition to CertiPay, you can rest assured that it will be a seamless transition. 

In order for you to know exactly what to expect, here’s a timeline of our transitioning and onboarding process: 


It all starts with the welcome call. This is where you’ll get an introduction to our payroll implementation and get to know your Implementation Consultant who will be with you throughout the entire process. 


Timing: within 24 hours of receiving your sales kit

Here’s where we’ll collect all your company information and set a timeline for collecting your employee demographics. 

What sets us apart: many other companies require you to do the heavy lifting; most of the time, we can extract all this information without any additional homework required of you.


Timing: within 48 hours of welcome call

We’ll perform a test payroll on your company information and data, and compare it to your legacy payroll register. We’ll send you a copy of your new CertiPay payroll register with reconciling items to review. 


Timing: within 2 weeks of welcome call

Here’s where we’ll assist you with logging into CertiPay and reviewing all our modules. We’ll assist you with employee demographic changes and anything else you may need. 


Timing: within 1 week before processing

This is when you’ll send us your QTD/YTD balances, and we will load and balance the information.


Timing: no less than 2 business days before scheduled pay date

It’s time! We’ll assist you in your first and second payroll processing from start to finish so you know exactly what needs to be done each time. This is when you can ask any questions you might have – we’re an open book!


Timing: after fourth payroll processing

Your Implementation Consultant will introduce you to our dedicated support team. These are the people who will help you throughout your time with CertiPay. Don’t worry – we’ll communicate any open issues to them as well as any specific things they need to know about your unique business.


Timing: any time

Need anything else throughout this process? Your Implementation Consultant is here to answer questions and assist you as much as you need.


“It was not an easy decision to make, changing from a leasing company to a payroll service. But all the apprehension quickly faded as the transition was seamless, thanks to your expertise, professionalism and detail.”

– Pamela P., President, Financial Corp.

“Each time we call, a real live person answers and will walk us through whatever scenario we present, explaining the process throughout.”

– Kathleen K., Staff Accounting/HR, Country Club

We’re all about transparency and giving you a unique experience tailored to your unique business and needs. Need some extra training? You’ve got it! Have some questions that don’t fit into this typical timeline? No sweat! We’re here to take care of you and guide you to better payroll and HR so you can focus on what really matters: your people.

Posted Dec 23, 2020
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