Tips for Working From Home

Tips for Working From Home

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We’re over a month into our new reality of working from home. While some businesses are making the transition back into the office, the reality is that many will still be working from home for quite some time, or working remotely part-time. 

If you’re in this for the long haul, make sure you’re setting your business up for success. 

Here are our top tips for working from home:


1. Equip your team with the tools to be successful. What project management tools and communication tools are you using? If you’re not using anything to keep these items on track, you’re missing out and could be costing your team a lot. It’ll take some time to get your team set up with these new technologies upfront, but the connection and productivity you’ll see as a result will make it all worth it.

  • Some project management tools to look into: Asana, Monday.com, Basecamp, Microsoft Project
  • Some communication tools to look into: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom

2. Establish regular check-ins. Without seeing your employees face-to-face regularly, it’s imperative that you check in regularly. Depending on your team’s size and your operations, this could be daily, weekly, or monthly, but we would not recommend anything beyond that. Things change so quickly that it’s important to catch any potential issues quickly. Regular check-ins also help keep morale up in a time of chaos and confusion. 

3. Encourage self care. As you’re checking in with your employees, maybe you’ll learn that they’re lacking the self care they once had when they were in the office every day. Are they lacking physical activity or are they in need of more community? Set up physical challenges for your team to complete virtually, set up virtual happy hours or team building activities, create space for more community, and be aware of what they’re looking for from you. 

4. Set an example. This new transition is tough for a lot of people. But by setting a positive example, you’re giving your team an idea of how to succeed during this time. Dress for success (maybe not a suit and tie every day, but don’t allow pajamas to become the norm), keep your workspace organized, and stick to a routine. Your positive habits will trickle down to the rest of your organization and keep you all accountable and successful. 


1. Establish a routine. You may not have a daily commute anymore, but it’s vital that you still have a routine. Wake up at the same time each morning, start work at the same time each day, and have set working hours so you’re not working well into the night. You still want to get the most out of your days at home. 

2. Have a designated workspace. It’s tempting to work from the couch, your bed, or all over your home. But in order to be the most productive and to get yourself into a routine, it’s best to have a designated workspace. If possible, this should be a room besides your bedroom, it should be organized, and it should include some items you would typically have at your desk in the office. This doesn’t mean you cannot move around the house to get your legs moving or to get a new perspective, but you should always have a homebase. 

3. Schedule breaks. Depending on your company’s break policy, schedule in some time to get up, take a break from your screen or your phone, and recharge. If you can take a full lunch, make sure you take full advantage of this break so you’re ready to tackle the last half of your day. If you have a flexible schedule, schedule time on your calendar for breaks. 

4. Over-communicate. Your entire company is adjusting to this new normal, and the only way to succeed is by over-communicating and staying connected to your fellow employees. 

As we navigate these uncertain times, continue to be proactive and discover ways to improve your workdays. Focus on these tips and you’ll start to learn how to best lead your company and fellow employees into success. 

Posted May 4, 2020
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