Tips for Time and Attendance Management

Tips for Time and Attendance Management

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Time and attendance can be tough to manage. Maybe you’re struggling with employees taking off too often. Maybe it’s a tracking issue. Or maybe you’re just wondering how to tighten up your systems a bit more. 

Whatever you’re running into with time and attendance, there’s always a way to improve. Start by following these tips:


Is your payroll process being held up by spreadsheets or even physical timesheets? It’s time to digitize and simplify. Rather than requiring employees to submit spreadsheets each week, why not utilize a payroll system that includes digital attendance tracking

This will help you get the data you need to ensure you’re on track, without spending time manually entering any numbers. 


Perhaps your time and attendance isn’t where you want it to be simply because it’s difficult for your employees to accurately track their hours or when they need off. When is the last time you went straight to the source — in other words, talked to your employees about their needs? That’s always a great place to start.


Are your employees aware of your attendance expectations, including procedures and ramifications? Even if you’ve gone over your policies with them before, it’s a great idea to have them handy at any time that an employee may need a refresher, as well as refer back to them regularly in conversations. 

Make sure they’re aware of the impact poor attendance can have on your entire company, and follow through on any consequences that have been communicated. 


If you recognize an attendance issue early on with an employee, set aside some time to talk to them. Before jumping to conclusions, explore if there are reasons for their absences or other potential issues. Attendance problems can stem from larger problems, such as personal or family issues, conflicts at work, or even burnout. 

Of course, be careful not to overstep any boundaries. However, the sooner you’re able to address the issue and find the source, the easier it will be for you and your employee to rectify the issue. This can also help open up more dialog and create a healthier work environment. 


Is your attendance issue tied to sick employees? Are they failing to take care of themselves when it comes to eating, sleeping, and managing stress? Establishing a wellness program can help encourage them to live healthier, which in turn can reduce unexpected time off. Plus, it shows your employees you care about their health and their personal lives, which can boost morale.


In most cases, employees go through their supervisors when they need time off. If this is the case in your company, are your supervisors trained to handle any potential attendance issues? Ensure they know how to handle requests off and when to raise an issue to HR should it require a conversation or even disciplinary action.


If the structure of your company allows for it, give your employees some flexibility when it comes to attendance. Some examples include allowing them to work from home when needed, giving them flexible start and end times, and even giving unlimited paid time off (which has actually been proven in many cases to help fix attendance problems). 

Time and attendance tracking is a critical component of your business that can offer a significant return on investment with time and cost savings. 

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Posted Feb 5, 2020
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