Time Management Tips for Working from Home

Time Management Tips for Working from Home

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In a previous post, we mentioned that small business owners waste 21.8 hours each week (source: Inc. Magazine). This was reported under normal circumstances and before COVID-19 forced plenty of businesses to transition to remote working. In this new reality, now more than ever we need to ensure we’re managing our time efficiently. Here are our top time management tips for working from home. 


This is especially helpful if your team does not utilize project management tools. Each day, outline the items you need to accomplish for work. In order to minimize the distractions that can come from working from home, you can even include a list of things you’d like to accomplish outside of work that day. By writing them all down, you’ll feel more organized and less reactionary. 


If your company does not utilize time tracking tools, there are plenty of other options you can choose from to use on your own, or you can set timers. The idea is to improve efficiency and see where you’re most likely to get distracted or spend the most time. Set goals for specific to-do items in order to keep yourself on track and to keep tasks from overflowing into the next day. 


Don’t ignore the lunch break! Even if you don’t feel like you need a break, your brain and productivity level will thank you later. Take the same amount of time you would on a normal day in the office. Spend some time reading, connecting with your family or roommates, getting a few things done around the house, or taking a walk. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day more efficiently. 


Many people tend to believe that multitasking makes us more productive, but the reality is that multitasking can decrease your productivity by 40%. Instead, focus on one task at a time and  minimize distractions as much as possible. 

Check here for more time management tips. No matter the circumstances, we want to see you increase productivity in your company. We’d love to talk to you about our payroll and people solutions to find the best products for you and your employees. You can reach out to us here.

Posted May 6, 2020
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