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Speed Up Your Recruiting Process With AI

Speed Up Your Recruiting Process With AI

It is predicted that artificial intelligence is going to replace 16% of all HR jobs in the next 10 years. This statistic isn’t meant to sound like a threat but rather something that your business can use to its advantage. 

One of the biggest challenges in today’s race for top talent is speed.

If your business is waiting on the hiring manager for even one day to make a decision or contact a top-notch candidate, you’re losing them. Speed is critical in this process. Artificial intelligence is the key to speeding up your recruitment process from start to finish, especially in the virtual world that we live in today.  

How Can Artificial Intelligence Speed Up Your Recruiting Process: 

Speed Up Candidate Selections

The biggest benefit of AI is – time. A valuable resource that almost all organizations need more of to operate effectively. During hiring, finding the right candidates to set up for the first round of interviews is one of the most time-consuming tasks.

With an effective applicant tracking system, your business can use keywords, set up specific screening questions, include minimum qualifications and utilize AI to sort through applications and streamline the recruitment process.

More Accurately Target Candidates 

Artificial intelligence is transforming the hiring process because it's allowing recruiters to get extremely targeted when it comes to finding potential candidates. Recruiters can search everything from location to job title to household income to behavioral preferences. For example, a potential candidate may have a career goal of X, and an AI tool would be able to pick that up and match them with your organization. This helps ensure that your business is hiring the best fit possible.

Being fast and efficient in the hiring process while still remaining accurate is how you will win top talentand AI will help you do that better. 

If you want to learn more about how our applicant tracking system can transform your business and help you tap into a larger pool of highly qualified candidates, talk to one of our CertiPay HR experts today. To learn more about how AI can help transform other areas of HR in your organization, click here.