Making Benefits Management and Communication Simple with i-Enroller

Making Benefits Management and Communication Simple with i-Enroller

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At CertiPay, our goal is to make every area of payroll and HR simple for our many audiences. i-Enroller is our benefits enrollment, management, and communication system that’s perfect for mid-to-large U.S.-based employers and even brokers. 


Access to a team of professionals focused on you.

With i-Enroller, you get a team of professionals who are focused on saving you time and money. Our i-Enroller team is always here to help guide you to success. 


i-Enroller is simple for both employees and administrators to use. It overcomes traditional hurdles felt with electronic enrollment and is easy to implement. 

The perfect combination of high service and low cost. 

This is the hallmark of i-Enroller. While others are more complex and more costly, you can trust that you’re getting the best service and the best price. 


  • No more paper shuffling or requiring multiple forms in the enrollment process
  • Monitor enrollment in real time
  • Get more flexibility and connect to your payroll and carrier systems for in-house studies
  • Organize, distribute, and aggregate all necessary employee demographic information and election records at any time
  • Enforce election rules without HR oversight. This includes planning maximums, age-based rates, and employee-specific plan eligibility 
  • Send mass emails to all partial or incomplete enrollments
  • Access and easily update employee records, administer qualifying events, and track EOIs
  • Easily search records by last name, SSN, or employee number
  • Easily view data pages with elections, cost per pay period, and dependent and beneficiary information


  • It’s easy to access benefit offerings and election information so you’re always set up for ACA reporting
  • Both open enrollment and new hires are able to enroll easily online
  • Get employee demographics through an Excel-based census upload wizard
  • Never worry about invalid elections; all plan election rules are enforced by underlying logic
  • Get carrier management for groups of any size
  • Offer employee self service for qualifying events management 

Whether you’re a broker looking for a partner you can trust, an employer looking for a better solution for less, or an administrator looking to simplify your life, i-Enroller has you covered. Check our more details here and reach out to us by clicking here.

Posted Apr 29, 2021
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