Incorporating Diversity Into Your Recruiting

Incorporating Diversity Into Your Recruiting

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Recruiting qualified, top talent for your business has never been easy, but there have been new challenges recruiters have had to overcome in the past two years. 

There are currently more job openings than people who are actively searching for a position. We’ve seen a mass exodus in what has become widely known as “The Great Resignation,” with people leaving jobs to pursue another opportunity or to learn new skills and pursue another career entirely.

Recruiters are in a unique position where they can cast a wide net to attract a diverse pool of applicants, and one of the best ways to do this is by making sure your recruiting efforts focus on incorporating diversity every step of the way. 

Here are some tips to consider when you start recruiting to fill vacancies in your office.

Ensure the Hiring Committee Represents Diversity

As you search to fill vacant positions in your organization, it’s important to make sure the committee you assign to manage the search and interview process has a lot of different voices at the table. You can build a hiring committee that’s made up of a variety of positions (entry-level up to C-Suite and everything in between) and various backgrounds at each step of the job screening and interview process.

Casting A Wide Recruiting Net When Hiring

Take a look at your community where you work. How can you find ways to encourage a diverse pool of candidates to apply to your position? Seek out people through intentional referrals from the community you serve. Considering candidates that are representative of your community ties you even more to the community you serve.

Same questions for each candidate

As you take the previous points into consideration and cast a wide recruiting net, one of the best ways to level the playing field is to ask a specific set of questions across the board. With a diverse set of candidates and the same set of questions, you can assign weighted scores to the questions and compare candidates side by side. You can enforce objectivity where all applicants are asked the same questions with a predetermined rubric. 

By encouraging diversity at every step of the recruitment process you can create a diverse workforce who are excited to contribute to your business. 

If you are currently in the recruiting process and would like to ensure you’re casting a wide enough net and incorporating diversity every step of the way, we would love to talk to you.

Posted Feb 1, 2022
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