5 HR Tasks To Start Your Year Off Right

5 HR Tasks To Start Your Year Off Right

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As we settle into a new year, there are inevitably human resources tasks you will need to dedicate time to in order to stay organized and compliant. 

Whether you are a part of a big team handling HR, or a small business, it’s good to have a checklist of tasks to follow in order to keep you on track for the remainder of the year. 

Check out a few highlights below from our full list, which you can see here

Review Employee Handbook

Handbooks should be reviewed on an annual basis to make sure the policies and procedures are accurate and up to date. Also, make sure the language in the handbook reflects the current way of life and how your business operates. 

Review New Employment Laws

Make sure you are caught up on current paid leave programs and employment laws as they relate to your specific state. Employment laws, particularly those on the state and local level, are constantly changing. 

Conduct an I-9 Audit

Be sure your business is using a current I-9 Form, and make sure all current and new employees have completed an I-9 Form. There are a number of items that must be properly completed to ensure compliance, so reach out to someone on our team if you need assistance. Don’t gamble with the important task of properly completing, submitting and retaining I-9 Forms! 

Schedule an Anti-Harassment Training

It’s recommended that these are scheduled periodically. Schedule training for new employees during the orientation process, and make sure to schedule anti-harassment training for employees based on what’s recommended by each state. 

Update Contact Information

With tax season quickly approaching, this is a good reminder to make sure all of your employees’ contact information is updated. 

We know that HR tasks can eat up a lot of your organization’s time and energy. CertiPay’s Human Resources Partnership can help ensure you are always in compliance with employment-related laws, implement best practices and we can help take the weight of being an HR expert off of your shoulders. Let us know how we can help your business. 

Posted Feb 2, 2022
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