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Grow Your Financial Institution With Powerful HR

Grow Your Financial Institution With Powerful HR

HR and finance are a powerful duo. As a business leader, your financial institution depends heavily on HR to function properly and succeed. Do you have the tools you need to grow? 

At CertiPay, we provide custom tools for the banking industry to be successful. The most common solution that our financial institution clients utilize is our human resources management tool. This tool alleviates the burden of administering benefits, tracking time off, and allows you to manage multiple levels of accrual. 

“Our clients were one of the first to file the PPP because we had a payroll company that was on job on spot and was able to get us the information efficiently,“ said Peter Golotko, CPS, Investment Advisors. 

“That’s the thing they made me look, really good. When you deal with other professionals, you put your name on the line when you’re referring them, and CertiPay definitely made me look good.”

To hear more about Peter’s experience with CertiPay, watch the video below. 

We have a team of HR experts who are for you at all times. If anything unexpected were to arise, like Peter’s example with the PPP loans, we have your back and promise to quickly find you the best solution possible. After all, we exist to free you from the payroll and HR burden so you can focus on your people - the most important part of your business. 

To learn more about how CertiPay can help your banking business reach new levels of success and growth, click here.

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