Country Clubs and HR: How CertiPay Can Help

Country Clubs and HR: How CertiPay Can Help

“CertiPay should be the choice software of the club industry because it understands the industry. It understands how clubs operate.” 

Whether you’re a country club, tennis club, or any other type of club, we can help. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large country club, we’ve got you covered. Just see what our client, Wendy, has to say. 

“They totally invested their time and effort into ensuring a product that meets the requirements that we as CFOs need.”

At CertiPay, we can help improve operations from members’ needs to staff needs so everyone in your club is taken care of.

“Handling payroll can be as simple as having the right tools and the right knowledge or it can be even more in-depth.” We’re here to find exactly what you need when it comes to HR, and nothing more – we’ll never try to sell you on a product that you don’t need. 

For a small club, that might mean processing paychecks and being compliant. For a larger club, it might be more analytical. However, even small clubs are realizing it’s about more than just payroll processing; it’s time management, labor management, and more. 

“Information is powerful. And the more you can get out of your tools, the better you can do something with it. It provides power for great decision making.”

We’d love to show you what our tools can do and how they can help you. If you’re a club, reach out to us today and we’ll get started. 

Posted Oct 6, 2020
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