Can Your Time and Attendance System Keep Up?

Can Your Time and Attendance System Keep Up?

Engineers use key cards to access the control room.

Is your time and attendance system up to date or is it falling behind? Are you still manually inputting information? A fully automated system can save time and help you avoid risks such as wage and hour compliance risks, time theft, and inaccurate data. 

A good time and attendance system can:

  • Allow employees to easily punch in and out, track their time and breaks, log or request PTO, check schedules, and more
  • Allow employees to access everything they need from their own devices, whatever they may be and wherever they may need access
  • Alert management of time-related issues 
  • Allow management to easily and efficiently set and manage schedules 
  • Help eliminate scheduling issues and absenteeism 
  • Get access to accurate data that can help your company stay compliant and even lower labor costs

At CertiPay, we know time and attendance tracking is a critical component of human capital management, and with the time and cost savings you’ll likely experience, it can offer a significant ROI. We believe you need a highly-customized time and attendance system for your business in order to eliminate errors and give you more time back in your day. 

We offer several options when it comes to time and attendance. Our goal is to eliminate manual processes and paper timesheets in order to help you improve accuracy. Some of our features:

  • State-of-the-art mobile timekeeping with GPS location tracking in order to confirm your employees’ locations when they clock in, track time, transfer, etc. 
  • Compatibility with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows 7 Mobile
  • Biometric multispectral reader
  • Real-time visibility into employee transactions 
  • Simple leave request submission process
  • Benefit balance reports 
  • Geo reference punches 
  • Optional wifi connectivity for wireless data communication 
  • Visibility into last punches, hours worked, etc. 
  • Audio and visual feedback for accepted and rejected card swipes

Ready to see how a modern, automated time and attendance system can transform your business in terms of efficiency and productivity? You can learn more about our system here or reach out to us here to get started. 

Posted Apr 30, 2021
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