The Benefits of an EAP

The Benefits of an EAP

An EAP (employee assistance program) is an employee benefit program designed to create a better work environment for your employees. This is done by assisting with personal and work-related problems that may impact an employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health as well as job performance. 

Especially in 2020, we’re seeing more and more employees struggling with mental health, physical health, deaths in the family, stress management, and so much more. An EAP can help tackle all of these issues and create an all-around better environment. Now is the time to consider an EAP if you’re not already using one.

There are many benefits of an EAP, but here are the top five that you should consider: 


An EAP helps minimize stress levels and provide a healthy outlet for stress. 

Why is this important? Because stressed employees are less engaged and more likely to feed into hostile work environments. An EAP creates a better environment for everyone. 


According to SHRM, companies lose 36% of productivity due to absences. But we’ve seen that when you add an EAP, you see 33% less sick time used by employees. 

You can also expect to see a 65% reduction in work-related accidents after adding an EAP because of less distracted employees. Distracted employees can lead to accidents, but EAPs help motivate them and get them to focus more. 


Just a few dollars per employee per month can have a big impact. 

For every dollar that you spend on an EAP, you’ll get it back at least eight times over. 

Plus, you’ll have a better work environment full of motivated, healthy, and happy employees, as well as reduced health care costs because people will use the EAP instead. 


We know that turnover is expensive. In fact, it can cost three times an employee’s wages. But happy people stay where they are. 

Reduce turnover by creating a positive environment and putting effort toward the mental health of your team. They’ll value this and stay, which points back to ROI once again. 

Want to learn more about EAPs, including why employees might not use them and how to change that, how to begin using an EAP, and more? Click here to watch our recent webinar about EAP. 

Posted Sep 4, 2020
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