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Benefits Administration Tips: How to Choose the Right Coverage for Your Employees

Benefits Administration Tips: How to Choose the Right Coverage for Your Employees

When it comes to benefits administration, you may feel overwhelmed with options. There are so many potential benefits out there that it can be tough to choose. But we’re here to help guide you through this decision making process to ensure you meet your employees’ needs and stay compliant. 

First of all, employee benefits should include things like:

  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Workers’ comp

  • Paid time off

  • Paid sick leave

  • Maternity leave

  • Paternity leave

  • Retirement

  • Pension

  • Fringe benefits such as:

    • A company vehicle

    • A stipend or per diem 

    • Gym access

    • A company phone 

Again, there are so many options! But don’t worry—here are some things to consider as you decide what to offer your employees: 

As you may have noticed recently, especially over the last year, employees are placing more and more value on benefits, sometimes even over salaries. Benefits offer advantages, flexibility, and sustainability to employees and their families, which can easily outweigh a larger salary. That means it’s vital to take into consideration what your employees are asking for. 

According to SHRM, 95% of employers say that healthcare benefits are the most important to their employees. 

Look for a plan that balances cost and coverage, and prioritize variety. By offering a variety of options for your employees, they’re able to fully customize their coverage based on their specific needs, helping them feel like they’re truly cared for and heard. 

Also feel free to include alternative benefits or fringe benefits that align with your culture and mission. If you’re a very fitness-forward company, offering gym memberships is a great option. If you value family, offering childcare can be a great way to show this to your employees. 

Bottom line, listen to your employees when deciding what benefits to offer. 

Beyond that, you’ll want to ensure you’re compliant and transparent. 

Benefits administration requires knowledge of the federal government’s compliance rules and regulations, such as HIPPA, COBRA, AND FMLA. When you work with a partner like CertiPay, you can rest assured that you’ll remain compliant. We’ll educate you on the various compliance regulations and give you expert advice in order to avoid audits or other serious compliance issues. This can help ensure you’re offering the right benefits to your employees and not making any mistakes with benefits administration. 

We’d love to come alongside you and help you make the right decisions when it comes to benefits administration. Are you ready to get started? Let’s talk today

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