5 Key Employee Handbook Updates for 2023

Your employee handbook should be a living document. Now is the time for your business to review its company policies to make sure they are still up to date and in alignment with local, state and federal laws.  HERE ARE 5 KEY EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK UPDATES YOU NEED TO ADDRESS IN 2023.  1. DEI AND THE […]

4 ways to build your cash reserves

One of the most practical ways to take care of your employees during hard economic times is to make sure you have cash reserves on hand to pay them.  If you have six months of operating expenses saved up, you can ensure that when something such as a recession happens you can take care of […]

Is a hiring freeze right for your business?

There are a lot of conflicting reports about the state of the current job market and its impact on a recession.  We have started to see a slight uptick in the unemployment rate and a growing trend of layoffs and hiring freezes from large corporations across the U.S.  Implementing a hiring freeze is a big decision for any business […]

Why are assisted living facilities facing a staffing shortage?

The current market has created several challenges for many industries, but few have been hit as hard as the assisted living industry.  According to a National Health Care Association March 2022 report, nursing homes have lost 241,000 caregivers since the start of the pandemic, and the entire long-term care industry is facing a 15-year labor low.  […]

Getting through the holidays as a manager

For many, the end of the year and the holiday season can be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for business leaders and managers, the holiday season can add even more stress to their busy schedules.  HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO HELP MANAGERS GET THROUGH THE HOLIDAY SEASON THIS YEAR: MANAGING TIME-OFF REQUESTS […]

CertiPay’s Market Outlook – October 2022

The hiring market has shown signs of slowing down with its most recent jobs report, but unemployment dropped yet again—this data coming before the impact on the market felt by Hurricane Ian.  While job creation has slowed, and many large corporations have begun shoring up their labor force or initiating a hiring freeze, the same […]

How to better attract and retain hourly workers

The talent shortage for hourly workers is unlike anything that’s ever been seen before in America. This was exacerbated by COVID-19 and the “Great Resignation” or “Great Reshuffle,” which saw millions quit their jobs in hopes of pursuing something else. What ensued was a significant skills gap and talent crisis among hourly employees that left […]

3 types of insurance plans for small businesses

We know that health insurance can be expensive, and finding the right health insurance for your employees isn’t easy.  There are a lot of different choices out there for insurance providers and insurance plans, and employee health insurance will always be something that’s top of mind for small to midsize business owners—especially as the U.S. […]

CertiPay’s Market Outlook – September 2022

This tight job market seemingly won’t let up.  Many economists saw a previous drop in the job openings in June and said this revealed early signs of recession and signaled a “cooling down” of the job market. But then the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) on […]

Why you should invest in training employees during a recession

As a business owner, when you hear the word “recession,” your mind immediately goes to ways you can make changes to save on your bottom line.  But your approach to savings shouldn’t be to cut programs that your employees have asked for—in fact, it could even be the time to double down on what you’re […]