3 challenges for the hospitality industry in 2023

The job market in 2022 was unpredictable, to say the least.  All industries had to compete for talent, inflation reached a 40-year high, and despite the looming threat of a worldwide recession, the market regularly saw job increases well above what economists predicted, and the unemployment rate in America dropped to 3.7 percent.  During the […]

Country Club CFO

Wendy Zurstadt, Country Club CFO speaks to the advantages of outsourcing payroll and hr to CertiPay. “CertiPay should be the choice software for the club industry because it understands the industry.”

SGI FFCRA and PPP updates

In this lunch and learn event we tackled FFCRA and PPP updates. This live webinar was held exclusively for our SGI members. These topics were discussed at the fall EXPO event and we received a lot of feedback requesting a deeper dive. We will talk about the cares act and tax credits associated with that. […]

Dunkin Donuts

Testimonial from Al Mustafa a Dunkin Donuts Franchisee

The REAL Cost of Employee Turnover

We know employees leave organizations for all sorts of reasons, but do you know how to spot a trend?  Obviously, employees want a positive experience and competitive pay. But there is more to the story. Studies show that there is a distinct path to turnover. So, what is the cost of turnover and how can […]

CertiPay is awarded HR Tech Magazine Company of the Year

In the thick of the cut-throat global competition, efficient management of staff—every company’s greatest asset—plays a crucial role in attaining their unique organizational goals. This reality has propelled organizations to remold their existing HR solutions to fend away the cloud of workforce inefficiencies, improper business processes, and lower retention rates. In this scenario, Denny Wilson, the […]

Workplace Sexual Harassment In The Age Of #metoo

The #metoo movement has created a heightened awareness of sexual harassment and should make every employer consider if it is doing enough to keep employees safe. Take some time to recommit to a harassment-free workplace and save yourself from future litigation. Here are our recommendations for steps you should take right now to help protect […]

10 Minute Trainer – Most Common & Most Expensive HR Mistakes

Business leaders are challenged with a variety of tasks every day. Whether you handle human resources yourself or delegate it to someone else, your company is bound to make mistakes. Identifying these HR mistakes before they become serious problems can protect your business against costly legal claims. CertiPay’s 10 Minute Trainer Webinar Series is proud to […]

CertiPay 10 Minute Trainer: Opioid Epidemic In The Workplace

70% of employers report prescription drug abuse within their companies. The U.S. opioid addiction crisis is hitting the workplace hard, and employers need to be ready to address it. CertiPay’s 2017 Webinar Series is proud to introduce “10 Minute Trainer: Opioid Epidemic In The Workplace.”