Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR

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Thanks to technology in HR, it’s possible to eliminate paperwork, save hours, and reduce the risk of human error. We’ve been collecting data for years now, but it’s time to do something with it — and that’s where artificial intelligence (AI) and HR meet. 


We can use AI for:

  • Time keeping
  • Benefit enrollment
  • Payroll processing
  • Recruiting
  • Applicant tracking
  • So much more

The goal is to save time, money, and even paper by streamlining and automating processes that we’ve been following for decades. 


Retention. We can quickly create charts and graphs that tell us when an employee leaves and how long they stayed. This data helps us better understand why they left, which then allows us to work on the retention piece of the puzzle; what are we missing and what can we change in order to increase retention? 

Recruitment. AI has made it easier to source, screen, and match candidates without the interference of human bias. It can also alert us of any potential language biases or mistakes — are we using language in job descriptions that could attract one gender over another? Are we using language that inadvertently discriminates against anyone? AI can help alert us of these things and show us how to change them. 

Performance management. What goals do you have as a company? AI can help ensure your employees are meeting them and performing up to the standards you’ve set. 


We’ve been collecting data for years. But now is the time for companies to jump on the bandwagon of using AI in order to move into the next stage which is using this data. 

The data we’ve been collecting is useful when it comes to business planning, change management, and diversity or inclusion efforts. 

Don’t just collect data; do something with the information you get from it. 

Are you ready to get started with AI? Let’s talk. 

Posted Apr 1, 2020
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