3 Tips for Writing a Powerful Job Description

3 Tips for Writing a Powerful Job Description

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Job descriptions are extremely important and helpful for both the employees and managers. They provide a clear understanding of duties and responsibilities for the employee and they provide a roadmap for the manager to follow. 

Job descriptions also help with recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and compliance. A good job description should provide: 

• A clear understanding of duties 

• A framework for performance management 

• Pay range justification 

• Legal protections 

Here are 3 tips for writing a powerful job description:


As you outline the day-to-day responsibilities of the job, you also want to keep your descriptions exciting and engaging. Instead of simply listing out a long list of duties and daily tasks, consider describing the key job functions, how the job will contribute to business goals and how the role plays a part in the overall success of your organization. A good way to think about this is to ask yourself – why does this job exist? 


Words matter when you’re writing a job description. If you want to attract top talent to your organization, then you need to use strong action verbs that will excite your potential employees while being appropriate to the level of the job.

It is also important to be aware of what type of language you are using throughout your job description. Are you remaining gender-neutral? Are you unintentionally excluding anyone from feeling as though they can apply? Is the job description compliant? 

If you have more questions about the wording of your job description, we would be happy to help you. Reach out to us here. 


Update, update, update! Job descriptions are not mandated by the law, but they are very helpful documents that protect your business from legal issues, help with regular performance management, and aid in attracting top talent. 

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Posted Jul 2, 2021
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