3 Key Things That Law Firms Need From Their Payroll Provider

3 Key Things That Law Firms Need From Their Payroll Provider

Managing payroll and human resources can be a big challenge for law firms. It can be difficult to manage multiple associates across various locations with different billable hours, but it shouldn’t have to be. As an attorney, you already have a lot to juggle, and payroll should be made simple. Law firms need a timekeeping system that does more than just store hours. 

Here are 3 key things that law firms need from their payroll provider: 


As we stated above, most law firms have different frequencies at which they pay employees. An example of this is some lawyers may be on a salary, while others may be billed hourly. You need a payroll system that gives you the flexibility to select how you want to pay each employee based off of their schedule. 


The last thing attorneys need to spend their time worrying about is their firm’s payroll logistics. Paying your employees should be a simple process. Your payroll provider should also have a quick, time-sensitive customer service team, so if an issue is to arise it will be resolved quickly. 


Employees shouldn’t have to track down a physical person every time they have to update their HR information. With an automated payroll solution, they are able to quickly update information changes, request time off, and track billable hours and multiple rates. 


At CertiPay, we provide a web-hosted system to manage schedules, track partners by specialty, diversity, and longevity, track billable hours and multiple rates, track sick time, vacation time, and holiday hours while also allowing employees to request time off. 

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Posted Jun 3, 2021
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