3 Benefits Administration Technology Benefits for Brokers

3 Benefits Administration Technology Benefits for Brokers

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Did you know brokers with a 100 person group can spend up to 272 hours a year administering benefits? 

If you think about it, enrollment management and new hire enrollment take around 6 hours per month, which amounts to 72 hours per year. If you combine that with the 200 hours that open enrollment alone takes, administering benefits is a time sucker. 

Here are 3 benefits administration technology benefits for brokers: 


Utilizing benefits administration technology removes the hassle of paperwork and manual processes, saving you time and money in the long run. Automating these processes also enhances the overall customer experience when enrolling, and it makes it easier for employees to manage their benefits throughout the entire year. 


By automating data you are automatically reducing error and improving accuracy, eliminating risks in your business.


PFK study showed that 55% of brokers only speak to their clients once a year. This needs to change. By utilizing benefits administration technology, you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on your people – the thing that matters most. 

Brokers need a solution that will save them time and money in the long run. Our i-Enroller benefits administration solution offers brokers: 

  • Easy to access benefit offerings and election information for ACA reporting
  • Online enrollment for both open enrollment and new hires
  • An Excel-based census upload wizard for employee demographics
  • Carrier management for groups of ANY size
  • Employee self-service for Qualifying Events management

To learn more about how our i-Enroller service can help your business save time and money, click here. 

Posted Jul 3, 2021
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