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CertiPay is awarded HR Tech Magazine Company of the Year

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CertiPay is awarded HR Tech Magazine Company of the Year

In the thick of the cut-throat global competition, efficient management of staff—every company’s greatest asset—plays a crucial role in attaining their unique organizational goals. This reality has propelled organizations to remold their existing HR solutions to fend away the cloud of workforce inefficiencies, improper business processes, and lower retention rates. In this scenario, Denny Wilson, the CEO of CertiPay, stresses on the need for a more robust payroll and HR technology that can be customized to the clients’ unique needs. Read the Article    

Lipscomb & Pitts Case Study

While providing virtually every consumer’s insurance need, wanted to create an employer package that is inclusive of all business needs including . Download the case study and see how CertiPay provided a solution for Lipscomb & Pitts.

WELSCO Case Study

WELSCO is known for top-quality customer support resulting from friendly long-term employees with a combined 2000+ years of experience. It is WELSCO’s philosophy that their greatest asset is their employees, and believe that they deserve the best HR and Payroll service available. Learn how WELSCO adopted CertiPay's HR and Payroll technologies to produce a cost-effective solution for their employees.

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